Vitamin D supplement tried and tested.

Here are 6 reasons why I decided to try taking Vitamin D supplements:

Potential vitamin D deficiency – 5 months of winter in London means mainly cloudy skies, rain and more rain. Strong scientific evidence for this use.

Can aid in better mental performance in women over 30 – weekly intake is recommended. Research evidence is unclear.

Low levels of vitamin D especially in winter months have linked to high blood pressure especially in people with dark skin. Research evidence is unclear.

Improve immune function. With colds and flu viruses around it might be worth the protection. Research evidence is unclear.

Can help improve mood – Seasonal Affective Disorder is common in winter. Research evidence is unclear.

Improves muscle strength and reduce inflammation. This is important due reduced outdoor exercise during winter months as well as being accident-prone. Research evidence is unclear.


I have been taking BioCare’s Vitamin Bio D for  3 months alongside multi mineral tablets. It is a liquid vitamin D3 that is so easy to take – a few drops daily under the tongue (D3 is what is lacking due to insufficient exposure to sunlight). I have been prescribing this to a patient with osteoporosis and wanted to give it a try as well.

My trial packs finished at the weekend and I feel already bereft without them and somewhat nutritionally deficient.  I’ve had the flu but not as badly as expected for one with a little girl who’s constantly exposed to nursery germs.

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Cool your head and sustain energy

with Peppermint and Liquorice Tea. Drink regularly to cool down and combat fatigue.

I always prefer to blend my own teas but you can buy this ready made from Pukka or teapigs among others.

Tea pigs pepp and lic tea



January Essentials

Apologies for the belated January Essentials post! Don’t let that put you off these beautiful items. And this January, it’s all about colour!

1. Bee Lovely Hand Cream – £10 for 50ml
Now that you’ve switched back from the picturesque christmas of sitting by the fire, staying warm in the comfort of your home to the hustle and bustle of everyday life a pocket-sized hand cream solution is the answer to dry hands this January.

2. Diary
Don’t depend on your smart phone to remember all your dates and meetings, a diary is much more fun anyway. Go simple with the classic Moleskin (£13.99) or bring the ‘print’ trend of this season to your stationary with the Tiger Lily Diary (pictured above – £10) from John Lewis.

3.How to be a Heroine by Samantha Ellis – £11.55 from Amazon
In her excellent book How To Be A Heroine, Samantha Ellis dissects some of literature’s most famous heroines and exposes them for what they really are.

4.Tabitha Simmons flats. – Ranges from £300 – £500
Pointy flats are a Spring 2014 favourite and every one should have at least one pair. Chic, comfortable and adaptable for work and play. Tabitha Simmons has every colour and pattern you could wish for, these candy colours are versatile and simple.

Empathy and Sympathy…What’s Your Take?

Really worth watching this short by Dr Brené Brown on Youtube. It is a funny, tender,animated piece about the power of empathy

As she explains  “Empathy is a choice,” “and it’s a vulnerable choice because in order to connect with you, I have to connect with something in myself that knows that feeling.”

December Essentials

1. Essential Oils for the season
Stay clear of the winter blues with a selection of essential oils with ‘anti-depressant’ qualities, ylang ylang, orange and myrtle are three of the best. Use in baths, as body oils/butters and in diffusers.
Sold at Holland and Barrett and similar shops.

2. Sparkly Silver Slippers
Moccasins, loafers and pumps are the shoes of the season and these sparkly silver slippers are a trendy nod to the festive season.
£62 from

3. Nebraska (2013)
Lose two hours over this Christmas to this charming black and white road trip drama.
Nebraska is now out in the UK – see the trailer on

4. Greeting Cards
Send your christmas wishes in style with these ‘sophisticated animals’ greeting cards. Six screen printed cards presented in a wooden hand painted box.
£15.00 from

5. Chun Lu Green tea
Swap warming winter cups of coffee and tea throughout winter for healthy green tea. My personal favourite is Harney & Sons in America.
They have many different types of green tea, Chun Lu being my choice (mostly because it comes in a nice tin!)
$22 for 2 oz from

6. Silk 1920′s Kimono
Some may see this as a glamorous dressing gown, some as a statement piece for drinks or dinner out. This beautiful vintage 1920′s kimono is available from Wafuku alongside plenty of other designs and colours. The range of colours and styles makes Wafuku an essential for Christmas shopping.
£96 from